Sell a Car Online

Selling a car online is becoming increasingly popular, as people have more and more options as well as opportunities than ever before when it comes to selling their vehicle. There are a number of different ways to sell a car online, but the most  modern way is through an online auction service such as Top Trade Auto. 

However, selling a car online can typically be tricky business, and most consumers don’t know where to start. They are unaware of where to list their vehicles, what sites actually sell vehicles, or what information they even need to have ready in order to be able to sell a car online. Regardless of how you choose to sell your car, make sure you have a good strategy in place and take the time to prepare for the sale. Throughout this article, we’ll show you the ins and outs of selling your car online so you can finally change the status of your vehicle from selling to sold.

The Usual Suspects

Typically, when the average person is looking to sell their car online, they immediately are drawn toward websites like Kijiji or eBay. The issues with these services are that other than giving you an actual platform to post your vehicle as a listing, they don’t actually do anything else in regards to helping your vehicle be sold. The main issue with these sites is that due to the sheer amount of products being listed as it is not just vehicles, your listing will be lost among all the other ones as well. However, these sites do give you the option to make you pay even more to have your listing as one of the top listings. However again, this is without any guarantee that your vehicle will sell and consumers are often roped into this and even end up paying large sums in order to sell their vehicles to no avail. Similarly, the next option is usually vehicle-specific selling sites such as Auto Trader or Car gurus. However, yet again, just like the aforementioned sites, there is no real guarantee your car will sell as the only thing they offer is a platform to simply list your vehicle on.

There are also companies that may entice your business by offering “cash offers” to draw in more consumers. However, these cash offers usually have time constraints on them and are also subject to change upon drop-off. Companies use these different offers as a way to draw in customers who need their vehicle gone quickly and as a result don’t necessarily have time to evaluate their options either. Furthermore, these companies don’t give you actual advice and information in regards to why your car is worth a particular price or why they offered a certain amount of money and instead will use it as a ploy to purchase your vehicle at a relatively cheap price to then make a profit on, leaving you with virtually nothing in comparison.

You should typically try and stay away from companies with such offers. This is one of the many  reasons why Top Trade Auto’s service is wonderful, as we sell your car online by having thousands of bidders across North America competing for your vehicle.

Different Procedures

Apart from where and how to sell your car online, you also need to be aware of the different procedures that are set in place when selling a vehicle. Specifically in Ontario, there are many procedures that are involved when completing a successful sale as well as many potential pitfalls. As a seller, there is a large list of things and information you would have to acquire before your sale can actually go through and that includes:

  • Licensing 
  • UVIP
  • Lien payouts 
  • Accident history reports 
  • Outstanding lien records 
  • Fraudulent funds 
  • Scams
  • Organized crime

Having to deal with all of this while also making sure a company doesn’t pull a fast one on you can be relatively stressful. This is where we, at Top Trade Auto, come in. We at Top Trade Auto offer consultancy services to sell your vehicle and to help you manage your asset and navigate the auto market with industry professional resources and sophistication. 

Our Process:

We have a simple three-step procedure in order to sell your car online:

  1. Complete the Top Trade submission form found on our website. One of the representatives will be in touch within the next business day, to schedule your free consultation.
  2. During your consultation, you will be presented with data-driven analytics to determine your vehicle’s true value in today’s market. We then send out a member of our team to capture some photos of your vehicle and prepare it for auction.
  3. Your vehicle is put up on the auction block and the bidding war begins! Once the minimum reserve has been met, the vehicle will be committed for sale and funds remitted within 48 hours of delivery. 

It’s that simple! 

If you’re looking to sell a car online, contact us today for your free consultation, and let’s get that vehicle sold together!

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