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How is it done?

Top Trade Automotive is part of the revolution. We are the digital future of the trade in.

The process is simple, after a consultation with our team, we set a reserve price based on market research and data made available to you. We then send out a member of our team to capture some photos of your vehicle and prepare it for auction.

If we can’t meet the minimum reserve price – you get your deposit back guaranteed! Risk free, transparent transacting!

  Step 1
Consultation & Comparison
  Step 2
In person assessment and photos
  Step 3
We list your car at the auction for thousands of bidders to see
Step 4
SOLD – We pick up your vehicle and send you the proceeds

How Top Trade Auto Works


Step 1

Complete the Top Trade submission form found on our website. One of representatives will be in touch within the next business day, to schedule your free consultation.


Step 2

During your consultation you will be presented with data driven analytics to determine your vehicle’s true value in today’s market. We then send out a member of our team to capture some photos of your vehicle and prepare it for auction.


Step 3

Your vehicle is put up on the auction block and the bidding war begins! Once the minimum reserve  has been met, the vehicle will be committed for sale and funds remitted within 48 hours of delivery. It’s that simple!

Our Competitive Advantages

Expert Consultation

With over 15 years of luxury brand automotive knowledge and experience, we’ve been able to identify opportunities to maximize vehicle trade in value, and simplify the process


Industry data-driven resources at your disposal. Top Trade Auto offers clients resources only historically available to dealerships, therefore, leveling the playing field.

Peace of Mind

Our process offers you the peace of mind to know that you received true market value for your vehicle, without having to worry about how to sell your car privately or negotiating with a dealer.

Pressure Free

The reality is that in today’s market, our clients just want fair and transparent consultation on their vehicles without feeling the pressure to have to make a decision on the spot. 

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Top Trade Automotive’s values are to serve the community in an unbiased way,
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Sell your vehicle anytime, anywhere..

From paperwork to professional consultations, Top Trade Auto makes selling your car easier than ever.