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Selling your car has never been easier and more profitable.

Simply follow our three easy steps to get what the true market value of your vehicle is today!

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Through the initial submission form, we get the basic information needed in order to begin researching your vehicle's value. From there, we'll schedule a one-on-one consultation

Undergo the one-on-one Consultation

We pride ourselves on being prompt, yet remarkably thorough. You will hear back from a representative regarding your inquiry within a business day, therefore you don’t need to ask yourself “how am I going to sell my car”? Throughout the consultation process, we use industry data specific to your vehicle in the present market which is then used to appraise the vehicle, and produce a value that satisfies your needs

Say Goodbye to Your Old Vehicle!

Once we agree upon a minimum reserve price for your vehicle on auction, we will send a representative to take pictures and do an in-person appraisal of your vehicle, to verify the condition. Once photos are taken of the vehicle, and it is listed, just wait for the bidding war to begin, and the sale of your vehicle to come to an end!

Why Use Top Trade Auto?

The Future of the Trade-in lies in third-party selling via auction – a revolutionary way to sell your vehicle in Canada.

We want our clients to get the market value of their vehicles by offering them the liquidity invested in their vehicles at their request on demand

We are the only method in Canada that allows our customers to sell their vehicles with tens of thousands of bidders all across North America

We have solutions for every conceivable financial circumstance you may be facing with your vehicle. Whether our client is selling an exotic vehicle or looking to sell their daily driver, leased or financed, we cater to all!

Top trade Auto is a licensed member of the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council as well as a member of the Used Car Dealers Association Of Ontario and has a well-respected and established presence in the Canadian and North American automotive community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Trade Auto is Canada’s first and only method of selling your car through accessing thousands of bidders across the country virtually. Being Canadian based, many of our clients are based in Ontario, however can consult on solutions nationwide.

 After consulting with our team, and agreeing on a price, a set reserved price will be agreed to that satisfies all parties. If we can’t meet your minimum reserve price, you are guaranteed your deposit back!

Top trade Auto has an unparalleled reach in comparison to the competition within the Canadian auto industry. With a network of buyers across the country, we make sure you never get short-changed on your vehicle again. We put the car in front of the right buyer for the right product.

 After the completion of the form, a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a one-on-one consultation with you. 

  • During the consultation, we will use our data driven analytics specific to your vehicle to determine its current market value.
  • Next, a representative will schedule an appointment to confirm the accuracy of the condition of the vehicle discussed and take pictures for auction. 
  • Once posted, bidding will begin attracting the right buyer at the right price to turn your vehicle from selling, to sold!

Contrary to most online vehicle sellers, Top Trade Auto focuses on taking an individualized approach to truly determine the value of any vehicle to leave our clients satisfied at all times. With our one-on-one consultations and the use of our analytics through carefully examined data, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients get the most offers, and the best offers available to them on the market with the help of our representatives.

 For the initial submission form to request a consultation, we only require the client’s contact information, vehicle make and model, VIN number, vehicle mileage and any additional information about the vehicle that would be of importance. This is so we have an idea of how we can best suit your needs in our initial consultation.

At Top Trade Auto, we have an abundance of professional consultants to aid in selling your vehicle. As a result, Top Trade Auto can consult on where you stand relative to your current buyout and the market value, of your vehicle and in most circumstances get you out of your lease early.

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