About Us

Top Trade Auto is Canada’s first and only method of selling your car by having thousands of bidders across North America competing for your vehicle.

With a national network of buyers at our disposal, we make sure you never get short changed on your vehicle again. We put the car in front of the right buyer for the right product.

At Top Trade Auto, we offer free industry professional consultation in order to sell your vehicle virtually, without any hassle.

We are local

Based in the eastern Greater Toronto Area, Top Trade Auto, is a proudly owned and operated Canadian business through and through.

Over 15 Years Of Experience

With an abundance of experience from each one of our founding members, more specifically in the luxury brand automotive retail space, Top Trade Auto has all the tools and know how to assess and consult on any conceivable circumstance you may be facing with your vehicle.

How Are We Different?

We offer clients the liquidity invested in their vehicles at their request on demand. You would expect to get market value for your shares, your home… Why not your vehicle?

Top Trade Auto maximizes your trade in value, and does all the heavy lifting, streamlining the process, making it very simple, and painless.


Dylan Laval

Dealer Principal

Michael Nawar

Managing Partner

Louis Hitimana

Managing Partner